AI for Everyone: The Best Daily-Use AI Tools, Updated Regularly

This article dives into the world of amazing AI tools designed to make your life easier and more productive. Let's explore a few gems categorized for your convenience:

NotebookLM: Build and train machine learning models without needing to write code. (Note: Currently in an experimental phase). link

Perplexity: Simplify complex information and generate different creative text formats. link

ChatGPT: Chat, ask questions, and even get creative with text. It can be a great tool for brainstorming ideas, getting different perspectives on a topic, or simply having a stimulating conversation. link

Adobe Express: Unleash your creativity with Adobe Express. Its AI features help you generate design ideas, create text effects, and streamline workflows. (Perfect for anyone who wants to create impactful content.) link

RunwayML: Unleash your inner artist with AI-powered video editing, effects, and image generation. link

Gemini: This is your AI research assistant and creative writing partner, helping you find answers and explore creative expression. link

Effortless Transcription: Ditch note-taking! uses AI to transcribe meetings, interviews, and lectures in real-time, making it easy to capture and revisit key ideas. link

ElevenLabs offers advanced AI voice generation technology, enabling users to convert text to highly realistic speech in multiple languages and styles, suitable for various applications like video creation, audiobooks, and gaming. link

This is just the beginning! Stay tuned for more cool AI tools to come.