Projects Galore: Collaborative Journeys & Solo Ventures

Over the years, I've tackled a diverse range of projects, each contributing to my growth and pushing my skills. This collection showcases some of the most engaging projects I've been involved in, encompassing both collaborative efforts and solo ventures.

  • Infinity Pack & Ship: Website Revamp & Comprehensive IT Support

    Infinity Pack & Ship

    Revamped their website and provided ongoing IT support, including remote desktop assistance and Google Workspace management.

  • Turning Vision into Reality: Grano - Casa Bella Vista

    Grano - Casa Bella Vista

    Delivered a successful website exceeding expectations with ongoing marketing, analytics, and management.

  • Peaceful Advocacy: Streamlining Advocacy Efforts Through Technology

    Peaceful Advocacy

    Built a dynamic website to automatically update events and promote them on social media, boosting engagement for a civic action organizations.

  • Phaos: Content Management Made Simple for Everyone


    Designed and built a user-friendly CMS that empowers developers and clients to work together seamlessly.