My Tech Stack, Gadgets & More: Tools I Use & Recommend

Curious about the tech behind my work? Here's a peek at my software, gadgets, and some productivity boosters (or procrastination fighters, depending on the day).


  • My Development Hub - MacBook Pro M2, 8GB RAM

    The sleek and user-friendly MacBook Pro with Apple M2 chip offers a seamless development experience, letting me focus on crafting innovative solutions.

  • Precision Partner - MX Master 3S Mouse

    The Logitech MX Master 3S mouse elevates my development workflow with its comfortable design, precise tracking, and silent clicks. It allows me to navigate and control my projects with accuracy and efficiency.

  • Display Duo: Expanding My Workspace:

    For an enhanced development experience, I often utilize a dual-monitor setup.

    ARZOPA Portable Monitor: This portable monitor offers additional screen real estate, perfect for keeping reference materials or code on hand while working on my main display. Its portability makes it ideal for working on the go or in flexible workspaces.

    Dell SE2417HG Monitor: This 23.6-inch Dell SE2417HG monitor provides a clear and vibrant display, perfect for everyday development tasks and multitasking.

Development tools

  • Coding Playground - Visual Studio Code (VS Code)

    This versatile code editor offers a customizable and feature-rich environment, perfect for tackling any development project. From syntax highlighting to integrated debugging tools, VS Code empowers me to write clean and efficient code.

  • Web Development Powerhouse - Google Chrome DevTools

    Google Chrome DevTools are an invaluable suite of tools integrated directly within the Chrome browser. They provide essential functionalities for inspecting web pages, debugging code, and optimizing website performance.

  • Lightweight Champion - Sublime Text

    For quick edits and side projects, Sublime Text provides a lightweight and lightning-fast code editing experience. Its minimalist interface and powerful customization options make it a reliable tool in my development arsenal.

  • Database Navigator - MongoDB Compass

    MongoDB Compass serves as my intuitive interface for exploring and managing MongoDB databases. Its visual tools allow me to seamlessly navigate collections, visualize data, and streamline database administration tasks.


  • Design Playground - Figma

    While still expanding my design skills, I find Figma to be a powerful and user-friendly platform. Its intuitive interface allows me to explore UI design concepts, experiment with layouts and prototypes, and collaborate effectively on design projects. This tool helps me bridge the gap between development work and user experience considerations.

  • Design Optimization Powerhouse:

    TinyPNG: This online tool helps me effortlessly compress image files without sacrificing quality. By reducing file size, TinyPNG ensures faster loading times for my designs, leading to a more seamless user experience.

    Background Removal Magic - This innovative tool allows me to remove image backgrounds quickly and accurately. This saves me valuable time during the design process and allows me to focus on creating impactful visuals.


  • Trello: Shared Vision, Streamlined Workflow

    Trello keeps my projects organized and my clients informed. Its visual boards help us track progress, collaborate seamlessly, and ensure everyone's on the same page.

  • AI Tools: Empowering Efficiency

    I embrace the power of AI to enhance my development workflow. From text refinement tools that ensure clear and concise communication to code completion suggestions that save time and reduce errors, AI assists me in various aspects of the development process.