Phaos: Content Management Made Simple for Everyone

Phaos: Content Management Made Simple for Everyone

Phaos is a Content Management System (CMS) designed to bridge the gap between developers and non-technical website owners. It prioritizes a user-friendly interface for both parties while offering robust content management features.

Version Control & Granular Editing: Implemented a version control system using MongoDB to allow users to see changes before publishing, revert unwanted edits, or schedule them for later. This involved leveraging MongoDB's document-oriented structure to efficiently store content revisions.

Real-Time Collaboration: Developed real-time collaboration features to enable users to see live updates from others and track content history.

Intuitive Interface: Prioritized user-friendliness by building a clean and intuitive UI, ensuring ease of use for non-technical clients.

In this solo project, I was responsible for all aspects of Phaos' development. This included:

Front-End Development: Designed and implemented the user interface using Angular and Angular Material, ensuring a responsive and user-friendly experience.

Back-End Development: Built the content management functionalities using MongoDB, leveraging its flexibility for storing and managing content revisions.

Deployment: Streamlined deployment utilizing GitHub Actions to automate the process and ensure efficient updates. The application itself is hosted on Firebase Hosting for scalability and performance.

This project demonstrates my skill in creating user-focused solutions and proficiency in full-stack development using modern frameworks and cloud technologies.

  • Firebase
  • MongoDB Atlas
  • Github Actions
  • Passkeys
  • PWA - Progressive Web App
  • OTP (One-time password) Authenticator
  • Angular 17+
  • Angular Material
  • TypeScript
  • NoSQL
  • Node.js
  • QR Code generator and parser